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Phone collateral expert

Rostislav Sikora

Business & IT support

 Rostislav spent 15years in banking mostly on new business development roles, concentrated on new products and new countries’ development. His specialization is in Europe and Africa.

Demo of collateral loans expert

Gabriela Sikorova

Business & legal support

Gabriela spent 14years in banking mostly on new business development roles, concentrated on new products and new countries’ development. Her specialization is in Europe, New Zealand and South America.

Q&A - Demo of collateral products

Demo of collateral products brings you a full picture of the collateral products ecosystem. Our support team includes top managers from different banks around the world. During a demo of collateral products, our bankers will show detailly all processes, technology and legal opinion from different markets.

How long a demo of collateral loans takes ?

Usually 30-60 minutes. Firstly, we present a live demo, connected to our system and mobile phone. Then our dashboard, reporting and finance modules. In the end you have 30 minutes for any open questions. We have always two bankers at the call, one is specialist for IT and business. The second banker, who will present a demo of collateral loan is a legal and business expert.

Can you create my own account for a demo of collateral loans ?

Absolutely, yes. Our presentation is always running on a new account created especially for you. This means, after presentation, you have options to test your own devices. The account is open for free for one year and is limited to maximum of 10 devices. That’s why we have very positive feedback on our demo of collateral loans. Free testing anytime.

What’s the best time to set up a demo call ?

Our bankers are located around the world. The right answer is anytime. But we really recommend to arranging a call as soon as possible. If you show interest in our products and services, then our bankers have to reserve resources and create special team, who will take care of you during all processes. From beginning up to end you have your bankers available all the time just for you. Our bankers are phone collateral experts with over 15 years’ experience in the banking and investment industry.